Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 634: Throwdown Nocturnal vs Diurnal

10:00 p.m. I am in bed reading.

SH: Are you going to bed soon?

Me: I'd like to turn out the lights in half an hour.

SH brings the new little computer that he bought on for me to the bedroom. The computer is so I have a computer when we travel and don't bother him to use his so I can blog and not deprive y'all. So really this computer is about him. Right now, it is the computer version of the upstairs vacuum cleaner. I think it is a little bit extravagant, but SH is a deal finder who puts extra money toward the mortgage every month, so I trust him.

So far, this computerette has been very useful for him as he spent the afternoon test-driving used cars and looking up their history. Guess what? Car salesmen -- my uncles and cousins in Medford excluded, of course, as they are in a small town where reputation is everything -- won't necessarily tell you that that cute little Mini has been in not one but two accidents.


Me: So what are you working on there, sweetie?

SH: Oh, just looking for a new anti-virus program.

Me: Are you getting close to being ready to come to bed?

SH: Ummm.


Me: So what's that there?

SH: I guess I can't cancel the BMW Club membership from here, but I can cancel the ad for my car.

Me: Are you almost ready to come to bed?

SH: Ummm.


SH: I guess I'll go work upstairs.

Me: What?

SH: I'm not tired.

Me: Then why did you bring the computer in here?

SH: So we could spend some time together.

Me: Why did you stay until 11?

SH: So we could spend more time together?

Me: I didn't want more time! I wanted to go to sleep!

SH: But I was looking at cars all afternoon.

Me: Until 10:30. That was good enough. Didn't you hear the part about I wanted to turn out the lights at 10:30?

SH: You don't care about togetherness.

Me: Nope. I care about sleeping.

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