Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 674: He ain't heavy

Scene: 9:30 Last night after the play about capital punishment* at the Pick and Save to get some pork loin before the sale ends at midnight. We are going to use SH's never used before smoker on Thanksgiving to smoke a bunch of meat and turkey. This is part of our harsh new "use it or lose it" austerity program where if we do not use items in the basement within five years of their purchase, they will be donated, sold or discarded.** SH bought the smoker before he met me, which was four years and three days ago, so we are getting close to the deadline for sure. And no, I do not know how long SH had the smoker before I met him, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

SH: Here. Hold the basket for me. [For like the gazillionth time.]

Me: You know, I manage to go to the grocery store all the time by myself without someone to hold the basket for me.

* SH thinks his argument against capital punishment -- that there are some innocent people on death row -- should be enough to convince people to be against it. I maintain that duh most people are against executing innocent people; it's convincing them that executing guilty people is wrong that is the hard part.

I ask him why executing guilty people is wrong and he says you can never "know" if someone is guilty and I say oh yes you can. Just the fact that there are some innocent people in the system is enough, he says, dodging the question. But Person A's innocence does not negate Person B's guilt, I tell him. I'm looking at the whole system, he says. I'm looking at the collective. You have to consider each individual! I say. You can't, he tells me. Typical liberal, I say.

I am against the death penalty for guilty people for two reasons: the state does not have the right to take a life and as long as someone is still alive, there is still a chance for salvation. He says my second reason doesn't count because it's religious and I say I'm not arguing in front of the Supreme Court, I'm trying to change public opinion and if I'm trying to change public opinion, convincing people that executing guilty people is wrong is more important than convincing them that executing innocent people is wrong because EVERYONE ALREADY AGREES ON THAT ONE.

We had this argument at 120 decibels for 45 minutes after the play, at Pick and Save, at Kopp's (chocolate chocolate-chip), at the other Pick and Save (the first one didn't have the Patrick Cudahy bacon from the local plant which is back in operation after those morons set the fire with the military flare last 4th of July) and home and then again for 15 minutes this morning.

** SH does not know about this program yet and I guess it will be a while before he does. See post below, "I don't read your blog as often as you think I do." Hahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

We've collected a lot of crap over the years that is too nice to throw away, but maybe not nice enough or too large to sell on eBay, and craigslist is a hassle.

We've recently joined our local FreeCycle group. People post what they have for free, or what they want. I've given away old TV sets, skis, some Japanese cultural posters for exhibits we went to that are too nice to toss (donated to a school teacher), etc. People come to you to haul the stuff away. It's great. A few of the people are disabled, many don't have a lot of money, and while there is no tax deduction, your stuff goes to someone that wants it and will use it. Nothing is too small to want or donate, have too many zucchini? Or too many lemons? Someone wants them. It's amazing what people either want or will take...

check it out in your local community. Although I doubt that you'll find any takers for some of the boxes of SH's junk in your basement, like newspapers and utility bills. but you never know...