Sunday, November 22, 2009


Are these the same room? Perhaps. We don't know. My mom does not remember if she was in the Agriculture Hall.

My mother at state playing her clarinet solo when she was in high school. Yes. My parents are from Wisconsin. SH is not. He moved to Milwaukee just because he liked it. And for the beer. And because California taxes make Wisconsin taxes look cheap. I tried to convince him that Tennessee taxes of ZERO are even better than Wisconsin income taxes, but was unsuccessful. Something about you can't buy beer on Sunday in Tennessee.

I moved here to marry him. I have family all over the place here; he does not. It is an odd coincidence.

A lecture hall in the Ag Hall at Madison.

The Agriculture Hall at the University of Wisconsin.

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Anonymous said...

So cool---my mom also went to the state competition and played her saxophone. (I was a band geek and played clarinet, but never made it to state--very few did--which makes me wonder if perhaps the bar was raised from the time our parents were in high school...honestly and respectfully not trying to take anything away from their musical ability and talent--just wondering...) White-Chocolate