Monday, November 16, 2009

No sweat

Completely unrelated to this post: A shot of SH's office. Note that it is cluttered but neat. Piles, not files. I am dying to put all this stuff into a file cabinet but he won't let me.

Noted at the locker room this morning as the woman next to me was changing:

1. She took off her gym shirt.
2. She put on her work blouse. Her nice work blouse.
3. She put on her deodorant.

Leaving aside the grossness of applying one's deodorant after one has put on one's shirt -- perhaps she is excessively modest, although who cares what you look like nekkid in the women's locker room at the Y when you are a cute young 20something surrounded by 80 year old women? I mean come on! Not that anyone has ever accused me of being modest. My freshman year of college, my roommates called me Baby Huey. And we'll leave it at that. I didn't even have a nice body to flaunt.

SH and I have argued over and over about the order in which one applies deodorant: I apply the deodorant first, let it dry and then dress; he applies it after he puts on his shirt which I think is disgusting because then the deodorant gets on the shirt and everything is all sticky and it's just yucky.

Also unrelated to this post but I will undoubtedly be writing about this in the future. This is the insulation SH bought this weekend for the attic. We decided we need more. Our walls are brick and plaster, so there's not much we can do there short of tearing down the house and rebuilding.


Back to the main issue here. She took off her exercise shirt. And then put on her work blouse. And then put on deodorant. Anyone see a problem here? Anyone? Anyone?

How about this? If she sweat enough to need more deodorant, didn't she sweat enough to need a shower?

But no shower. Not even a wipedown. Just a change straight into the work clothes, which also included a suit and some very nice shoes. And deodorant and perfume to cover the noon step aerobics class sweat. Which I can tell you does not cover the smell of sweat and I am not naming names but you cannot get up for Art History 201, not take a shower and spray yourself with Charlie and expect everyone to think you are clean Miss you know who I am talking to. You just smell like sweaty Charlie. It's OK, though. You are the one who named me Baby Huey, so we are even.


Anonymous said...

In CA, they have a lot of older houses with no insulation. There are companies that drill holes, maybe an inch in diameter every 16" (they drill between the studs from the outside) and they stick a hose inside the wall and spray an expandable foam insulation. I would think you could do something like this on a brick home, maybe remove a brick and drill behind it, then replace the brick.

You'd have to pay someone to do this, SH could not do this himself.

Jan said...

I take it she was small enough not to be intimidated by those postage-stamp sized towels they have in the locker room (when I went to the gym, I learned quickly to bring my own towels).

Anyhoo. Shower. Dry. Moisturize. Deodorant. Run through the house in your underwear performing morning chores. Dress.

*shrugs* It's my routine, and I wonder what your college friends would have called me.

class-factotum said...

Anon, that's worth investigating. Thanks.

Jan, your routine sounds normal to me, although now that I no longer 1) live in Houston or 2) have a job, I do not see the need to bathe daily or wear deodorant.

My roommates and I also had the great debate about Does One Wear Underpants to Bed? We were split 50/50 of decent girls vs hussies. I was a hussy.

LPC said...


Lindy said...

My grandmother was dead set against wearing underwear to bed. I'm pretty sure she wasn't a hussie.