Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Photo du jour

5. The main point: Is toilet paper that expensive in this country that people have to steal it? I had to lock my toilet paper in my desk in Chile, but I worked with illiterate indigenous women whose teeth were rotting out of their heads. Not that poverty is an excuse for theft, but we do not have that level of poverty here. I don't think. I do know that my roommate from my first stint in grad school at UT* stole a roll of toilet paper from the hotel where she and her boyfriend stayed when they flew to San Fransisco to audition for a graduate drama program and I thought that was a little bit weird.

1. They bothered to translate into Spanish, but not to look up the words for "paper towels." Which do exist.

2. The bathroom has clients and employees.

3. Only the people who speak Spanish are NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE THEM HOME! The rest of us are just supposed to not remove them from the bathroom.

4. After I drove all the way to Chicago to take the damaged wheel to the wheel repair place, they discovered they couldn't repair it, which is making SH very sad and me sad for him because he loves those fancy wheels. And sad for me, because now he will be on a Quest to find a replacement, which will be difficult, because these wheels are a. aftermarket, b. closeout, and c. without a hollander number, which will mean something to people who know something about cars, i.e., not me.

PS I didn't go to Chicago just to take the wheel to the wheel place. I went to take a cooking class with my friend Lenore, who gave me the class for my birthday. We made really good Italian stuff and I will write more about that later, but right now, I have to make the macaroni and cheese with chicken for Carol the hairdresser who is not dead, as I determined by stopping at the salon on my way home from Chicago, a drive that took longer than it should because you can't go a mile without stopping for construction.

* I spent half a semester in the UT English program before I dropped out but did not withdraw officially because I needed to stay on my parents' health insurance and why did I care if I got Fs in all my classes? Well I should have cared because when I returned five years later to the UT graduate business school, I was on double secret academic probation and I did not even know it.


Jan said...

You know what's really sad is that I was married to a Hispanic man for 12 years and can't read that sign.

What is even more sad is that he can't either.

Melissa said...

It's been years since I had Spanish (minored in it in college and worked for 5 years with a literacy council that served a large Spanish-speaking population). I'm guessing "paper towel" is something like "toalla de papel" (toalla is towel, right?)