Monday, November 09, 2009

Stepping in it

My mom is looking for the doughnut recipe she used when I was a kid.

Yes, it is possible to make doughnuts at home. And they are better than any doughnut you could ever buy at the store, which is why I have never understood why everyone* is so crazy about Krispy Kreme doughnuts because first of all, they are not all that and second, they are not even cakey. My mom's doughnuts are cakey with cinnamon and clove and they are all that.

I showed early signs of artistic greatness. And, apparently, signs that I would eventually go to UT.

Which makes me think of something a guy at work told me about the brownies I had made for him after he recovered all the files that somehow got deleted after something happened that might have had something to do with my maybe highlighting a bunch of stuff and saying "I don't need this!" and touching the delete key.

And then going Oh man that was not a good idea.

Good thing there were backup tapes, huh?

Anyhow, I called IT and this guy restored it all and I made him brownies and he sent me an email and told me I had really put my foot in it, which made me think I had stepped in dog poop or something so I called him and asked him if the brownies were bad and he laughed and said no, that was what his grandma always said.

I googled the phrase. The Urban Dictionary says, "when someone says you put your foot in somethin, that means you know how to cook whateva 'it' is, well."

I guess he wasn't pulling my leg.

Back to the doughnuts. I want the recipe because our friends Rob and Lenore and their two kids are coming here Thanksgiving weekend. We are luring them here with homemade doughnuts.** My mom gave us that deep fryer and I might as well use it.

The highlight of their visit last year was SH's old rotary phone.

We have been asked to heat the house, as well. SH and I are so used to wearing all our clothes at once (the Michelin Man look -- so sexy) in the winter that we forget that it is not polite to inflict the same requirements on our guests. Actually, we have not been asked to heat the house. Our guests just commented that they would need to remember to bring long underwear and sweaters. But we will crank up the heat for them.

* The metaphorical (is that the right word?) "everyone," not the "every single person in the world, including you, the person who is reading RIGHT NOW" everyone. It is the same "everyone" I would use to say, "I don't understand why everyone thinks 'Seinfeld' is funny" because I am sure that there is at least one other person in the world besides me who doesn't think that show is funny. That is, when I use "everyone," I do not mean it literally. And when I use the word "literally," I do mean it literally.

** For breakfast. We do plan to feed them an actual meal the night before.


Amy Boland said...

Krispy Kreme does, in fact, blow. It is nothing more than the essence of fried embodied in dough. Not in a good way either. This is painfully apparent as soon as they reach room temperature.

LPC said...

Doughnuts are my downfall. Old-fashioned. With chocolate. If you make me some I will follow you around forever. So, perhaps not such a good idea.

class-factotum said...

See Amy? You are the exception that proves the rule, which is another stupid saying, because if there is an exception, then it is not a rule.

LPC, if I make you doughnuts, then you will be my puppy, just like Laverne. If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee and want some hot, fresh doughnuts in a cold house, come on over. We'll turn the space heater on.

LPC said...

If I come to Milwaukee I will certainly stop by and I will almost certainly bring the down coat I bought in China. It has a hood. With fluff.

Lindy said...

My grandmother made us cake donuts on our birthday... for lunch. First we would have the cake donut entree - a plain donut eaten with either a piece of Vermont cheddar cheese or spread with peanut butter. Then we would have the cake donut dessert - warm donuts covered with either powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. We were loved!

Melissa said...

We used to make doughnuts when I was a kid, too! They were your basic cake doughnut, but oh so good... Mom would then slice up a potato and make thick homemade potato chips. Oh, memories!

I also agree with you about Seinfeld. It was a "show about nothing," all right.

class-factotum said...

LPC, you will need that coat and more. Come here just so you will have a reason to wear it.

Lindy, doughnuts with cheese? That sounds tasty. We eat apple strudel with cheese. I like the idea of an all-doughnut meal.

Melissa -- see? Homemade is always best. SH's mom, bless her heart, got him store-bought cookies and he still thinks Oreos are good. I can't stomach them. Nasty, nasty.

I knew I wasn't the only one who doesn't get Seinfeld. I'd rather read a book, thank you very much.

Jan said...

Oooo! You'll share the donut recipe, right? RIGHT??

AndiMAC said...

I gave up doughnuts awhile ago. I guess my body finally decided it doesn't agree with that oil they're cooked in. It's ok, I don't really miss them. Except for French crullers... Mmmmmmmmm