Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wisconsin 101: At the movies

This is how you do it

Me: Hi. We found these movie passes when my husband was cleaning stuff that he brought here from California out of the basement. They were stuck in with the phone bills from 1997 and his stepdaughter's tuition receipts. She graduated ten years ago. Is married. Has a job. He brought them here FROM CALIFORNIA. They're expired. Seven years ago. I know they're expired. But I thought I would ask if there is any way we could redeem them here. I know probably not but I would be really grateful if you would check.

Teenage ticket seller: I don't know. Let me ask the manager.

[Charlie Brown noise]

Ticket seller: OK. Here you are. We changed them for some new ones. Sorry it took so long. [About 90 seconds. This was AMC, BTW.]

This is how you don't do it

At Macy's, where I worked part time over Christmas a few years ago after I was laid off. It is just after midnight. The store is closed. All the other registers are closed. My boss had asked me to stay open until midnight and I had just started to close when a woman shows up and of course as soon as she shows up, four more women show up. At midnight? Really? That's the only time you can shop?

Customer 1: Do you have any of the 15% off coupons?

Me: Nope.

Customer: I know you do.

Me: Nope. [I'm lying. I do. In theory, it's one coupon per customer and the customer is supposed to bring the coupon, but big deal. We keep a coupon behind the register and if a customer asks us for the coupon, we will use it. But this woman has ticked me off and I am going all Pharisee on her butt.]

Me: The coupon was for yesterday. [I do not smile. It's 12:05. I want to go home.]

She's mad and like I care? I'm working part-time, no benefits, temporary for $9 an hour. What can she do to me? She's getting all pissy with me and so what? Leave if you don't like it.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Nice job AMC!
I don't blame you for the Christmas Eve deal; she can go ask Santa for her discount at that point.

class-factotum said...

Maureen, all she had to do was give me a reason to like her. I can be as cranky as the next person, but I can also be nice on occasion.

If she had said, "I am so sorry to be keeping you late. I know you want to get home. I've been working double shifts because my mom needs help paying her mortgage since my dad got sick and I haven't had a chance to do my shopping. Thank you so much," I would have been all over helping her.

But she just threw down that pile of about 12 dresses and I couldn't get through it before more customers showed up, including two college girls with daddy's credit card. The college girls had a tagless item and wanted to know why I just couldn't just you know (smack chewing gum) look it up in the system.

Because Macy's has the worst systems in the world and the only way to get a price is by the UPC. You can't look it up by brand or style. You HAVE TO HAVE THE UPC. If you don't have the UPC, you use the UPC of a similar item and make up a price. (No room for fraud there! They need to hire me to design new systems. SO DOES TARGET. CALL ME!)

So I had to wait for them to find a similar item so I could make a price tag and I didn't get home until 1:00 and I am not a late-night person. Much to SH's dismay.

Melissa said...

I feel your pain.

To get through college (both undergrad and grad school), I worked at a gas station. Invariably, I would have no customers for an extended period, and then just as I am preparing to close the store so I can do the count of my drawer and prepare the deposit, someone pulls up. Fine, I can handle one customer, but it *never failed* that at least four other people would show up.

Why did it always work that way? This was the late 80s through the 90s - it's not like everyone had cell phones back then and could call to plot against me. (Guess I just dated myself there.)

Lindy said...

Very nice of AMC. That is a kind, Wisconsin-like, thing to do.

class-factotum said...

Melissa, it is jobs like that that keep you going back to school and make an office job seem like a piece of cake.

Lindy, you betcha dose nice folks are from Wisconsin.