Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chats du jour: Obsession

After my sister tells me that she bought a raincoat* FOR HER DOG.

SH: Well, we're cat obsessed.

Me: No, you're cat obsessed.

SH: So are you.

Me: I never baby talk to the cats.

SH: Even when I'm not around?

Me: Never. NEVER.

SH: So you will probably never refer to yourself as "Mommy" to the cats, either.

Me: If I do, shoot me.

* In her defense, slight as it is, it was a nine dollar Old Navy raincoat. But come on. Clothes? For a PET?


Anonymous said...

Our boy cat will tolerate being dressed in pet clothes--our girls have bought outfits, but only pay $1 for each ensemble...they love dresses and bought a red satin evening gown for New Years...yes, our cat is a 'cross-dresser'...only because our girl cat will have nothing to do with this pet dressing business--(our boy cat really is a dog trapped in a cat's body...that makes him the perfect pet!) White-Chocolate

BethanyC said...

Ermmm... Copper has a biker jacket.

class-factotum said...

You guys are scary.