Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I can see clearly now

Oh great. It snowed again. My Texas friends were so excited about their snow earlier this week but trust me the thrill wears off really quickly.

I am deleting more personal emails from company accounts. Reminder: Don't write anything you wouldn't want your boss or your mother to see. Do you know how hard it was for me to hit "delete" instead of reading the whole saga of why this couple was going to marry or not marry and why she was acting the crazy and her past abusive relationships and even though this was supposed to be the good sex room, he better not do it? (I didn't read all of it which is why this does not make sense. I had to read enough to know it wasn't work related. Actually, once I figured out this was personal, I just deleted everything from that email address because I just did not want to know. I did not.)

Here's the dilemma. Do I garage the car so I don't have to brush the snow off the car? Note: there is no snow on the car in this photo. Imagine six inches of snow and ice on the windows and think of the fun of removing it. If I do that, then I have to shovel more driveway and back out through the Straits of the Narrows, which makes SH very nervous. And me.

Yes. I stopped. For one thing, I was on the clock and for another, it was just too ick. But really, people. Hotmail.com. It's free and you never have to worry that I will know your business and have to fight the temptation to publish it all.

The good news is that I don't have as much money left in my FSA as I thought so I'm not going to have to buy a new pair of glasses (but you guys should know that Macy's is having a fabulous sale -- $99 for frames and lenses, even progressive lenses -- yes that is the frames and the lenses together), which I don't need but I sure wasn't going to let that money go to waste.

I had been looking and looking for frames that I liked. The only ones I'd found were at a shop down the street where the owner makes you make an appointment! an appointment to look at frames! Not an appointment for an eye exam but an appointment to look at frames.

The first time I went there, I walked in and started trying on frames when he told me, "I'm busy."

I said, "I'm just looking."

He said, "But I'm with a customer."

I answered, "That's OK. I'm just looking at frames." I mean, it's not rocket science, is it? I try on, I take off. Try on, take off until I find something I like. When he was finally finished with his customer, he scolded me and told me that I needed to make an appointment next time and be sure to bring my RX.

People. I must be free. I cannot be tied down to The Man for my shopping. I mean. Really.

Naturally, that was the place where I found four frames I liked. I didn't see any others at the five other optical shops I checked. I was desperate to find something where I did not have to return to Appointment Man.

After multiple googles, I discovered that Macy's down the street has an optical shop, so I went there yesterday, stumbled across the sale and two really fun sales associates who spent half an hour trying on frames with me until we found something I liked.

Then I came home and reviewed my paperwork and discovered that I have only $110 left in the FSA account, which is enough to replace the scratched lens in my sunglasses with a Macy's progressive lens, which is really more useful to me than a new pair of regular glasses, as my current pair is new and mod and hip and flattering, so I returned today and talked some more to Laurene, one of the fun sales associates, and we arranged the whole complicated transaction of doing one lens now and one after the first of the year, so hahaha to you Mr Appointment Man you're not getting my money.


AKJ said...

The nice thing about Texas snow is it is gone the next day. There is no shoveling or ice scraping.

TosaGuy said...

I too have used the flex account for "protective eyewear".

I garage the vehicle and ask that my tenant do so also. Easier to clean the driveway.

Although I would have preferred 12 inches of real snow instead of the 5 inches of slop that rendered my snowblower useless.

class-factotum said...

Anita, I miss those days.

TG, I did not enjoy my hour of shoveling slush this morning.