Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 326: Mr Fixit

And he fixed it. My amazing Terminator Engineer husband is that good. I feel sorry for women who are married to men who can't fix things.

TosaGuy noted that Americans don't fix their own stuff anymore. I am proud*/worried to say that SH is trying to fix his beard trimmer. (Turns out the battery is corroded and needs to be removed and a new one soldered in. Why isn't that "L" pronounced?) He has also taken this opportunity to remind me that I should not have donated his other beard trimmer to Goodwill and this is yet another instance, like the salad spinner, where my haste to get rid of stuff has Led To Disaster.

* One of the most romantic things SH has ever done was when we had been dating about six months. I told him I wanted a break -- didn't want to see or talk to him for a month because I needed to know if I would miss him and I had to find a job. You know, because I was a gold-digger and just using him for his money that he didn't have because he was so vicious in his divorce.

Anyhow, I blogged about how both my washer and dryer had broken in the same day. I figured out what was wrong and had ordered the parts and was going to fix it myself. (Some people suggested just buying new machines, which seemed ridiculous considering the parts were $30. And I was unemployed.)

A few hours later, I had a phone message from SH: "I found a good fare from Chicago tomorrow morning. I'm driving there. I'll rent a car in Memphis. I'm coming to fix your washer. If you don't want me to come, you need to let me know by 8:00 tomorrow morning."

He showed up at my door, even though I had told him to stay away for the month - no, I did not call by 8:00 the next morning - and he was nervous as all heck but he still did it because he didn't want me to be without clean clothes, and FIXED MY MAJOR APPLIANCES.

Is there anything more romantic?

I don't think so.


Ptolemy said...

Lucky for me, I'm not one of those people! I can't imagine being married to someone who couldn't fix things, either! And my boys are going to be just like him!

TheHRD said...

Ok, so now I'm just feeling inadequate.....

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

That is seriously the most romantic thing I've ever heard!
And besides, not having to call the plumber is better than roses any day.

Jan said...

Beloved is quite handy, too. I'm not sure he'd be able to fix a beard trimmer (which he doesn't own because he only has a mustache), but he can and has installed and repaired many things in our home.

"You know, because I was a gold-digger and just using him for his money that he didn't have because he was so vicious in his divorce."

Oh, my - we have more and more in common all the time.

Ask a Manager said...

Oh my god, I swooned when I read this.

Gary said...

I think SH should have flown to Memphis to watch YOU fix the washer!

Melissa said...

Wow -- that is romantic! I guess engineers have their tender sides, too.

Rodney's not the kind of handy that SH is, but he's good at construction-type stuff. The work he did to whip our deck into shape this past summer was amazing!

And the gold-digger part brings back memories...