Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 491: Save Big Money at Menards #67

SH did repair the beard trimmer, but it is not a permanent repair. Turns out the soldering iron is not quite up to par, so he had to tape the battery to the mount to keep it there (my idea) and then solder it for the contact. Something about how the soldering iron couldn't get hot enough to melt the - stuff - and all that technical fixit guy blah blah blah. He did trim his beard and will get a few more trims, but this is not permanent.

SH: This isn't going to last.

Me: Uh oh.

SH: I might have to buy a new one.

Me: But I thought you were going to shave the beard off because of the scratchy issue.

SH: No. I might have to get a new soldering iron. I've had this one since high school.

Me: Oh. Well. That's OK, then.

SH: I guess I'll have to go to Menards. [He was happy about that, I could tell.]

Me: Should you look at Consumer Reports first? You do have a tendency to cheap out sometimes.*

SH: It's a SOLDERING IRON. Consumer Reports doesn't review things like that.

* Well, he does. Now he believes me that the generic brand isn't always better on things like oh say, Q-Tips. Sometimes things are not better because they are more expensive, they are more expensive because they are better. Sayeth the gold digger. Love ya, honey!


Gary said...

Investing in tools is generally a good idea. However, soldering batteries is difficult, they are a giant "heat sink", regardless of soldering iron, almost. Plus, if you get them too hot, they get ruined. I was doing something with batteries and heat shrink tubing several years ago, and the heat gun to shrink the tubing also hosed the batteries, so be careful. Kind of half solder it, and then cover with epoxy to hold it, better yet, put some metal powder into the epoxy to make it conductive. Although truth be told, it's better to just get a Wahl Lithium Ion beard trimmer. the others have NiCad, and those batteries wear out. Lithium Ion are good for thousands of charges. Spending $30 on a new trimmer with Lithium Ion batteries may be a better investment than a new soldering iron, although a new soldering iron may be warranted also. Maybe SH can get a deal at Menard's...

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

"Sometimes things are not better because they are more expensive, they are more expensive because they are better." I love this. I wish I'd said this years ago to my ex MIL who thinks I'm a golddigger and cheap is always more simple and pure.
Wow, Gary, up there, sure knows his batteries!

Anonymous Mother said...

WAIT! Before you go to Menards, SH, I might have a soldering iron you can have...

Lindy said...

Do you believe you guys now have me LOOKING AT MENARDS flyers?

Here is a good way to trick SH into shaving:
Page 3: Remington Code Shaver $7.99
**SAVE $12** (That's BIG money!)

Menards has a "Dutch auction" on Christmas goods. Every day until Christmas the savings increase 1% until December 22 when they are 50% off. Interesting selling strategy.

P.S. I noticed that Menard's is spelled Menards, no apostrophe.

class-factotum said...

Gary, the beard is going.

Maureen, we are all gold diggers now.

Mom, we'll pick up the iron when we are there in a few weeks. Thanks!

Lindy, I hadn't noticed about the apostrophe. Thank you! I made another apostrophe mistake today and plan to blog about it tomorrow. I am a grammar snob so am glad of the correction. PS Maybe we'll go to Menards for a tree when we get back from our trip next Monday. They should be pretty cheap by then.

class-factotum said...

Lindy, I have to wait until later to blog about the apostrophe. But I will.