Monday, December 14, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 498: For better or for early

So you guys remember how I had this stupid idea of, Oh honey, we don't need to buy a second* car! Why waste the money when we don't have that much overlap in car need? I can just drive you to the airport and other than that, we're copacetic?

Another gorgeous photo from Gary, storer of cars.

If I were an environmentalist (I am not), I would have positioned it thusly: As a Friend of The Earth, it is my responsibility to minimize my Carbon Footprint and to be mindful of how much of our Precious Natural Resources I consume.

But I don't care.

As a gold-digger, I just want to use that car money for other things.

Like shoes. And purses.

But this morning, I had a revelation.

Is it really worth it?

Let me rephrase the question.

This morning, at 5:28 a.m. when SH's alarm went off so he could prepare to fly to Dallas at 6:45, I had a revelation.

Is it worth saving $10,000 plus annual maintenance and taxes to get up that early?

I think maybe not.

Oh sure, I used to get up at 5:00 a.m. to go to an exercise class run by a former Marine Corps drill instructor before work. But I also went to bed by 9:30. Or 9:00. Or 8:30. Yes, those were in the pre-SH days when I got as much sleep as I wanted.

But now, I stay up late because SH stays up late and I don't have anywhere to be in the morning so there is no reason for me not to adjust my schedule.

Staying up late + getting up early = crummy rest of the day for me today, as in, I meant to send the servants to the grocery store while I took a nap, but I was too tired to think clearly, so went myself.

I had a coupon for $1 off the total bill and for $1 off seedless tangerines, which is one of the few fruits that SH actually likes. (He just tolerates some fruits**, and I mean "tolerate" in the dictionary definition, not in the feel-good, embrace definition.) Usually, as a gold-digger, I say hahahaha to coupons. Coupons are for poor people! But hey, it was like cash throwing itself at me and the less money I spend on food, the more money I have for shoes, right? Unless I can make my husband work even harder, which is what we gold-diggers do as we sit on the sofa, eat bon-bons, watch soap operas and crack the whip. Except no that wouldn't work either because SH doesn't get paid OT. So the only way for there to be more money in this house is for me to work and we gold-diggers?

We don't work.

So anyway.

I was so wiped out from having to TAKE MY HUSBAND TO THE AIRPORT AT 6:12 A.M. that I forgot to use the coupons.



I think we need to get that second car. This exhaustion is making me waste money. I can see the trend starting already. The car would pay for itself in no time. No time at all.

* Really a third car but the Corvair is in the garage of Gary and Bonnie's lake house -- yeah, they call it a "cottage" but it's bigger than our only house but whatever, I guess they can call it what they want, especially as they are fantabulously nice enough to let SH keep his old car up there and to invite us up there to hang out with them and go on a wine cruise on their boat. Air kiss!

** The fruits not ending in "erry" and not bananas, at least not bananas in their natural form, although banana bread is OK. Yes, I have a spreadsheet with all the rules.***

*** Not really. But I should.


Richard in NY said...

Why not just have him take a cab to the airport and put it on his expense report? That's what I've always done for business trips.

Becky said...

Why not just retrieve the other car from storage & use that when a second is necessary? Does is not run?

Anonymous Mother said...

The photo MUST BE Santorini???

class-factotum said...

Richard, cabs are not really reliable here, at least not for going to the airport. Getting home is fine. They weren't an option in Memphis, either. I called once thinking it would be easier than driving to the airport at 5:00 a.m. and it never showed, even though the dispatcher kept assuring me it was on the way.

Becky, the other car (a '65) needs a lot of work before it is reliable, but it might be an option. I'm not sure SH would to use it in the winter because it is not rust proof and they salt the heck out of the roads.

Mom, yes that is Santorini. Good eye!

Jan said...

You know, I'm beginning to envy SH all his trips to Dallas.

We also only have one car and I've been up that early to drive Beloved to the airport (quite a bit, as a matter of fact). Once? I drove him an hour and a half to Pittsburgh at 4 a.m. because it was the cheapest fare he could find.

Because you're right - us gold-diggers need that money for the really important things in life. What if ran out of bon-bons, heaven forbid?

Lindy said...

I have found Milwaukee Yellow Cab to be very reliable, unless it is raining and then all h@ll breaks loose and everyone wants a cab.