Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 512: Time and nothingness

Me: Hey! You're not going upstairs to your computer, are you?

SH: Yeah. Why?

Related topic below.*

Me: Because we have to leave for the airport in an hour!

SH: But I have to send a customer email.

Me: Why can't you take your shower first and then send the email? The shower is a little more critical. The customer can wait.

SH: My lunch is warm! And we still have plenty of time! I never take a shower this early!

* Me: So can we sell the NordicTrac when we get home seeing as you have never used it since I met you and you are now going to actually ski [when we are at my mom's] but you didn't use it to get ready to ski like you said you would?

SH: No! What if I get to go skiing for more than one day sometime in the future? I would need it then.


LPC said...

Do not tell me that Terminator Engineer doesn't yet own a "device." You know, that thing that sometimes allows him to talk to other people but more happily has gazillions of buttons for sending emails and searching for bargains on the Internet?

class factotum said...

I'm not sure why he doesn't have that yet, LPC. He loves gadgets and we have more computers and more stereos than people in our house and more DVD players than TVs, but he has resisted the siren call of the crackberry/iPhone thus far. Maybe because he would feel even more compelled to work?

SH said...

LPC, I do not own such a "device" (BlackBerry, iPhone, or something similar). Having one of those things would keep me connected even more than I already am, and I think they're only useful for sending e-mail messages of short to moderate length (or for people who don't care about proper spelling, punctuation, etc.). I much prefer to use my computer, with its regular keyboard and access to the documentation and other technical tools that I need!

class factotum said...

See? Ask him the time, he tells you how to build a watch. No such thing as a short answer from this man. :)

Not that taking his time is always such a bad thing.