Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 589: How to optimize free time

SH sold his old car but in Wisconsin, the license plates stay with the owner, not with the car. The tags still have ten months on them. The tags on the red car are about to expire, so we want to switch tags rather than give the State of Wisconsin one more penny of our hard-earned money.

Actually, SH, being a liberal, is cool with paying taxes as long as everybody else is paying them because it's all about fairness. Me, I don't care anybody else is doing. Pay or don't pay, whatever. But you can take my money out of my clenched fist, copper.

I can take some time out of my busy schedule shoveling snow.

Anyhow. To switch the tags, someone has to go to the DMV. Fun, fun, fun. But there is a lien on the car or something because when SH bought the red car from our friends Pete and Julie, something got messed up with the paperwork and SH hasn't cleared it up yet because why do today what you could do next decade? Clearing up this issue requires a visit to the credit union near where SH used to live 20 miles from here. I volunteered to do it. All of it.

SH: But you're not on the account at that credit union.

Me: We're married.

SH: Yeah, but you're not on the account.

Me: I have your power of attorney. (From when we were buying the house before we got married and I had to handle the offer while he was out of town, which you know totally freaked him out, even though I bought and PAID FOR EXCEPT FOR $300 my own house before I married him.)

SH: But a clerk can't do this.

Me: Yeah. So I'll ask for a manager.

SH: It might get complicated. What if you don't do it right?

Me [who had a 4.0 GPA from top-20 B-school and was a National Merit Scholar, but was not Summa Cum Laude or Phi Beta Kappa like my Terminator Engineer husband, so maybe I can't handle it]: Just saying. If you don't want to use some of your VAST FREE TIME to drive 20 miles to handle a clerical transaction at the credit union and then go to the DMV, I'll do it for you. I thought you'd rather use your time to drink beer. That's all.


Jan said...

"But you can take my money out of my clenched fist, copper."

Yup; you're from Texas all right (atta girl!).

Beloved, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. Some clueless twit of a government worker summoned him for jury duty while he was out of town on business (because they're supposed to KNOW these things, you see). He forgot about it until, you guessed it, he was out of town. He wanted to know why *I* didn't call the county courthouse and have *his* jury duty rescheduled.

No amount of ME explaining that it didn't work that way did no good, even after the effing process server showed up on our doorstep to drag him bodily to the courthouse to do his civic duty (he was still out of town when this happened). Someone at the courthouse had to tell him in person that I couldn't reschedule his damn jury duty.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Someone's got some control issues, huh?