Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 722: Funny the penguin being there

SH and I went up to Gary and Bonnie's last night and came back this afternoon. On the way back, we stopped at Fleet Farm, which is the rural version of Menards. You can find all the Menards stuff plus ear tags, bridles, penicillin, and salt blocks. The store sells t-shirts that proudly proclaim, "Mills Fleet Farm: The Man's Mall."

The high point for SH was finding a penguin for the front yard. Doesn't everyone need an eight-foot inflatable penguin? Gary told us about it. On sale! There is nothing a Milwaukeean likes better than A Deal. I am with My People here.

Penguins. On sale half price for $12. Fine. Twelve dollars for a stupid penguin. But when we come out of the store, SH looks at the receipt and says, "They charged me $24 for the penguin!" He marches back into the store, indignant, annoyed.

When he returns, he tells me that guess what, he wasn't overcharged, that it was the four-foot penguin that was $12 and the eight-foot penguin was supposed to be $24, marked down from $48 and he decided he would rather have an eight-foot penguin for $24 than a four-foot penguin for $12.

I married a crazy man.

SH's other high point was getting the gas to work out just right. He got a four-cent per gallon rebate at Fleet Farm. He always wants his gas to end up in round numbers. Wait. Not just in round numbers. In dollars.*

So he figured out how much the gas would cost after the rebate and then got the amount plus the rebate.

Then he decided it really hadn't been worth going inside to claim his 31-cent rebate, although when you consider that it took only 90 seconds to make 31 cents - wait. Hmm. I don't want to do all the math here, but yeah, he has a point. It wasn't worth it when you compare it to his salary, although it's not like he didn't get paid his salary when he got the rebate.


I know.

I married a crazy man.

* He does that with restaurant checks, too. He makes the tip so the total bill comes out even in dollars. I just go to the ladies' room until it's all over.


Anonymous Mother said...

I always figure that when your groceries come out to an even dollar amount, you ought to get them for free. Or something...

An opinion that is, apparently, not shared by the store.

Melissa said...

Ah, yes. Fleet Farm. I know the place well as my DH frequents there. Does SH also go to Farm & Fleet (which DH insists is not the same thing, even though they share the same origins and carry basically the same merchandise)?

Jan said...

He must drive waitstaff CRAZY doing that...

class-factotum said...

Mom, I agree. You should get them free.

Melissa, it was our first time at Fleet Farm. We will have to go to Farm and Fleet and evaluate.

Jan, the waiters don't seem to mind as it works out in their favor. SH rounds up. :)

Ptolemy said...

I do that, too! The rounding of the restaurant bill... But you don't want to know how itemized my Quicken stuff is... It's really sick.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I really want to be a fly on the wall when you guys are around.
Is that a real cow T-shirt?? My daughter LOVES cows.

class factotum said...

P, I audit my credit card bills to the penny, so I am with you on the detailed financial stuff. But pumping gas so that you round up to the next dollar? That's just weird.

Maureen, that is a cow t-shirt! We got the next to the last one. The remaining one was a double extra large, so it might not be suitable for your daughter. If you want, I will check to see if they have more the next time I'm up there, but it might not be until June. It is cute, isn't it?

class factotum said...

PS Gary got the second to next to last one. That's how we knew about the t-shirt in the first place. Gary spends a lot of time at Fleet Farm.