Friday, December 11, 2009

Out of office

I'm a little busy shoveling wet, slushy snow.

Busy getting the car serviced at the place where most of the waiting customers are women but the magazines are all men's magazines. There was one male customer. He brought his car in to have a light bulb changed. Can you believe that? I have always changed the burned out lights in my car myself. I even changed my own fan belts myself. I flushed the radiator myself. And this guy drove to the dealer and waited and paid $70 for somebody else to change the light bulb in his headlight?


Busy trying to get the silver cat hair off my apparently magnetic dark clothes.

And busy watching season one of Big Love, which finally - FINALLY - after three months of waiting, arrived at the library. So what is the deal with Nicki? So sullen and underhanded. What does Bill see in her anyhow? And how on earth did he ever convince Barb to go along with this insanity? I'm all for whatever consenting adults want to do*, including heroin or three-ways, as long as they don't commit tax fraud, but I would never consent to this. Never.

Season two awaits. Later.

* Well, not "all for" -- I find many things morally problematic, but I don't think things consenting adults do should necessarily be illegal is all.

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TosaGuy said...

regarding the lightbulb. Here is my take.