Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wisconsin 101: Wisconsin nice, #53

I hear the trash guys approaching. I have left a 24-pack of Miller longnecks next to the trash can as their Christmas tip. I run out to the street in nothing but my PJs and robe. It is 5 degrees. Five.

Regardez le beer. I don't think anyone would steal beer, but you never know.

Me: Hey! I just want to make sure that you guys know that that's not trash. It's for you guys. For Christmas.

Guy: We're not da trash. We're da recycling.

Me: Oh. I thought you were all one team.

Guy: Nope. Dey're different guys.

Me: Rats.

Recycling Guy: I'll make sure dose guys get it. I'll tell dem it's dere. Dey'll get it.

Me: I'll leave something for you next week. I mean the week after that.

RG: Oh dat's OK. You don't gotta do nuttin'. [shakes my hand] Merry Christmas!


wildstorm said...

Rarely if ever do I comment here. I've been reading you for years every once in a while. It's a pleasure to visit.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

That's really nice!
And you get both your trash and recycling picked up at the curb??

Anonymous said...

People from Wisconsin are the BEST!!!! (Not that I'm biased or anything....) White-Chocolate

class-factotum said...

Wildstorm, thank you! I love getting comments and it's always a thrill to know that someone besides my mother reads this. Besides, reader comments is one of my main ways to find new blogs.

Maureen, yes, it it one of the few things that is not ILLEGAL here.

WC, people here are very nice. My neighbor told me she would have been insulted if I hadn't asked her to feed the cats while we're gone.

Fia's Mom said...

Hmm...Southerners are nice too, and I have not left anything for our garbage men. I have been shamed into correcting this oversight.

class-factotum said...

Fia's Mom, it never occurred to me to leave something for the garbagemen until I moved here and I was mad at them for dumping my yard waste out. My friend Todd suggested I bribe them with beer.

I've tipped my postman for years, though, ever since I had Lawrence in Memphis. He was great.