Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Because they don't have food where we live

Some of the things my mom is sending with us:

Homemade rolls
Homemade chocolate chocolate chip muffins (OK, from a mix, but still)
Steak sandwiches
Goat cheese (was to have been used for a salad but we made something else instead and my mom is real lactose intolerant instead of fake lactose intolerant if you know what I mean and I think you do so she said just take it with you because she can't eat it)
A banana
An orange
Leftover cashews (well no because we would just eat them and I have my own Milwaukee Roll, thank you very much)

Blue moon over Denver airport from the Hertz place.

It's all good because I hate being stuck on a plane without enough food. Or anywhere without enough food. Even if there is food to be bought because I hate spending money on crummy food and really, is the airport the best place to buy food? No I think not.

And yes, we are stopping at the German bakery on the way. Blue cheese brie and liebkuchen, as my aunt and German uncle recommend. Yes, I know taking cheese to Wisconsin is kind of silly, but I have not had blue cheese brie. And a bakery run by authentic Germans recommended by an authentic German is something I need to check out.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Food really is love. I don't think I got that till my kids started leaving home. I make sure to make all their faves when they're here, and constantly try to send them off with food.
And you're right; it's awful to be stuck on a plane with nothing good to eat!

Class factotum said...

I am very lucky that my mom is and has always been such a good cook. She got it from her mom, who once sent me through O'Hare with a Crisco can full of cookies that would not fit into my checked bag. I feel sorry for kids who have to eat takeout and processed food. They don't know what good food tastes like.

Melissa said...

Isn't that just how moms are? I'm sure that's what I'm going to do when my kids are grown (though it's a good thing I have a few years to hone my craft since the oldest is only four!)

And, my folks would be in heaven at that German bakery! Strong German ancestry on both sides...