Friday, January 08, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 315: Distraction

SH: Didn't you wash my other jeans yesterday when you did laundry?

Me: I thought you put only one pair in the wash, but I didn't do all the darks, so they might still be there. But I don't think you put two pair in.

More Garden of the Gods.

SH: I put in two pair.

Me: No you didn't.

SH: Yes I did.

Me: Whatever.

SH: I want to wear those tonight when I go out. They're already dirty. [Goes to the basement and returns.]

Me: Where are the jeans? I told you there was only one pair.

SH: They're there.

Me: Then why didn't you bring them up?

SH: I forgot. I got some potato chips* instead.

* Because of course we keep our potato chips in the basement. Doesn't everyone?


Jan said...

More dill pickle-flavored Pringles?

Class factotum said...

Jan. Is there any other flavor?

Melissa said...

Obviously, potato chips rank higher than the jeans he so wanted to wear... Now if it was chocolate, I'd understand.