Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 321: Bacon worthy

H: What should we have [on Saturday when our friends come for supper]?

Me: Definitely cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos.*

Not bacon. Part of the seafood meal we had in Essouairia. Essouiara. Morocco.

SH: But what about the bacon?

Me: I'll pick some up.

SH: Wait. Here's some in the freezer. But it's the Good Bacon. Should we use it?

Me: Why not? Rob and Lenore are Good Bacon worthy.

SH: But there are children involved.

Me: You know, their kids are not junk eaters.** They actually appreciate good food.

SH: You're right. I think their kids are Good Bacon worthy.

* No Gary. I am not using your name for them. It's dumb.

** You know what I mean. I would not waste the Good Bacon on kids who insist on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or McDonald's. Rob and Lenore's kids have always eaten what their mom and dad eat. They are not fussy eaters. They have not turned their mother into a short-order cook. They are adventurous eaters. And they like good food. They are worthy.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Good Bacon.


Melissa said...

Smart kids. They do sound good bacon-worthy.

Bonnie said...

BTW, Gary didn't invent the name for ABT's. I googled the name as I was curious about the origin of the name & actually found they were originally "Cowtown Wolf Ts".

"Entry from January 01, 2008

Cowtown Wolf Turds (bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños)
"Cowtown Wolf Turds” are hollowed-out jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese (“Armadillo Eggs”) wrapped in bacon, with a smoked sausage added in the middle. They were named “Cowtown Wolf Turds” in 2000 by Jeff Wheeler ("bigwheel") of Fort Worth, Texas. (“Cowtown” is an old nickname for Fort Worth.)

Wheeler explained this in a December 28, 2007 post (below): “It’s a long story. An old boy named Mike Gunter who lived around here come into the local watering hole one day with some grilled Japs wrapped in bacon and stuffed with super thin soy marinated pork loin strips rolled up like a newspaper. We ate em up like little piglets of course. The story was he got the recipe out of some unknown magazine but there wasnt no name for em. So..I named em Cowtown Wolf Turds and started spreading the recipe as Mike described it. Always giving him full credit of course.”

Another name for “Cowtown Wolf Turds” (or simply “Wolf Turds") is “Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs).” If habaneros are substitued for the jalapeños, they’re called “Dragon Turds.”

Google Groups: "

TosaGuy said...

All bacon is good. Some bacon is better.

Richard in NY said...

Where does one buy the good bacon?

Class factotum said...

Melissa - yeah, I don't get the parents who put themselves through all that extra work of making separate meals, but whatever.

Bonnie, fun story! But I'm still not using a name for food that involves poop.

TG, as I have mentioned elsewhere, about the only thing SH and I have in common is our love of bacon.

Richard, try and