Friday, January 29, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 322: Girly man

Me: So are you OK with going to Vietnam* next year?

SH: You're the one who has a problem with supporting a communist regime.**

I think what swayed SH was seeing the photos of the food in the Vietnamese guidebook I got at the library. Here he picks out fish for our lunch in Morocco. In that town I can't remember how to spell and am too lazy to google.

Me: It's not like Cuba. It's not illegal to go there. They're allowed to have their own businesses. Stupid college students don't wear t-shirts idolizing a Vietnamese murderer. [OK. I didn't say that last part. But I had to editorialize because honestly, what is it with the Che t-shirts? Are their Hitler t-shirts dirty?]

SH: But. Don't we have to get shots?

Me: That's it? That's the reason you don't want to go? You don't want to get shots?

SH: Maybe.

Me: I cannot believe you are such a big baby.

* We have a bunch of FF miles to use and my friend Dean from the Peace Corps works for the World Bank in Hanoi. Perfect opportunity, right?

** Not that SH supports communism either, but I am the big anti-Fidel voice in the house. Although as soon as SH had the facts about Cuba and Che and Fidel, he was appalled and on the Side of Right.


AmandaDufau said...

I wish there was a "like" button on posts (like on FB), love your second footnote!

Fin said...

I would not be comfortable in a country that we had napalmed and dropped agent orange into during my young adulthood.

That said, they are said to warmly welcome American tourists. Oh and one of my older passports is NOT valid for Cuba, Albania and N Vietnam.

Funny old world.

Class factotum said...

Amanda, :) I will be very happy the day I can visit Cuba libre.

Fin, If I am going to stay away from every country we have fought, then I guess I'll never return to Germany or Italy.

Fin said...

While technically true, [both in my lifetime if not exactly 'young adulthood'], I feel very real differences.

And I wasn't particularly thrilled seeing busloads of Japanese tourists laughing and snapping pix at the Arizona memorial. Sort of struck me like it would be rude to go to the Hiroshima memorial and laugh and mug and take photos for the folks back home.

Germany, on the other hand, has treated me extraordinarily well on several wonderful visits.