Monday, January 11, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 331: Saving money

SH: I took that mileage charge off my expense report.

Me: Which charge?

SH: You put mileage from a previous trip on another report.

Me: Yes, but I explained it in the notes.

SH: But the dates didn't match.

Me: That's why I explained it in the notes. I had forgotten to expense the mileage on an old report. I just put it in this one instead.

SH: I didn't want to trigger an audit.

Me: But I didn't do anything wrong. It was a legitimate expense.

SH: It was just $16 out of over $3,000 I filed.

Me: It was still $16! That's enough for a pedicure at the beauty school!

SH: What if they audited?

Me: What if they did?

SH: It would just be trouble. And it's not that much money.

Me: This from the guy who makes sure I know when milk is on sale for $2 so I can save forty nine cents. Sheesh.


TheHRD said...

Beware the auditors..........they are everywhere and the have hearing like bats!

Class factotum said...

HRD! Shhhhh!

Richard in NY said...

Once when I worked for a large public accounting firm I got a call from the accounting department saying that they had logged in my last expense report and then misplaced it. No problem, I told them, I have a file copy, which I copied and hand delivered to them.

A few days later I got a form in the interoffice mail stating that they would not take copies of my receipts. They had to have the originals. The fact that they had lost the originals was deemed irrelevant.

I was ultimately able to get paid, but only after going to the head of the NY office for special dispensation from the rule.