Friday, January 01, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 342: The unbearable lightness of smugness

The best part for SH about getting a Prius when we picked up the car with free Hertz miles in Denver on the way to my mom's in Colorado Springs was not that he got to feel even more morally superior, although that was something because as a Liberal, he feels that way every day, so this was just another notch on the belt of Moral Superiority, but that there were so many cool gadgety things for him to play with as we drove through the dark, icy mountain roads with the New Year's Eve drunks. This car is a Terminator Engineer's dream.

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TosaGuy said...

I much prefer my Ford Escape Hybrid which goes through snow and hauls nearly everything one would need to carry while living in Tosa. You also ditch the smug factor. I get in the 30s with MPGs and that is good enough for me.

Hybrids are also big natural resource hogs due to their batteries....its actually more environmentally sensitive to build a Hummer than a Prius.

I like my hybrid and it was $10K cheaper than a 2010 FEH. The car companies have figured out that affluent (liberal) yuppies will pay for the ability to be smug so hybrids are now less economical than they used to be since it is now marketed as an upper end vehicle.