Monday, January 04, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 420: Your kiss is on my list

SH has returned from the Mighty Ski Trip of Ought - um -- of Ten. He stayed the night in Denver at Mike's house. Mike's wife is an awesome hostess - two little girls, sick, and yet she puts up an unexpected guest overnight.

SH's workout routine of walking down the stairs from his second-story office to the basement to get the Dill Pickle Pringles he had hidden from himself did not quite get him into the shape he needed to be for a day of skiing, so by the time he and Mike returned from the slopes to Mike's house, he was a little pooped and driving another hour and a half to my mom's all of a sudden seemed not such a good idea.

Well anyway.

So he got back here about 11:30 a.m., which meant we missed going riding with my uncle, although SH might not exactly have been in the best of shape for getting on a horse if you know what I mean.

SH: Hey! You didn't kiss me!

Me: Yes I did.

SH: No you didn't.

Me: Oh. Right. I slapped you on the butt. Well, that's almost the same thing.


Jan said...

I'm still mildly grossed out by the thought of Dill Pickle flavored Pringles...

Class factotum said...

Oh Jan. They are yummy. Really. A tangy version of salt and vinegar chips. Go to Walgreen's, spend a buck, and give them a try.