Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 781: Weekend honeydos

SH: I moved those boxes so the plumber can get to the [whatever to TV the lines to see why our basement flooded in June when our neighbors' basements did not].

Me: Thanks, sweetie. Your one weekend chore is done. Relax.

Random photo from when we were in London last fall.

SH: Guess what I found in some of the boxes? Calendars from 1990!

Me: What did you do with them?

SH: Left them in the box.

Me: Why didn't you throw them away?

SH: Because then I would have had to go through the entire box and sort it out and I didn't have time for that project.

Me: No you wouldn't. You could have just thrown away the calendars and been done. Sheesh.

SH: Nope. Besides, throwing things away was not in the scope of this chore.


controllergirl said...

My project manager girlfriend says thank you to SH for actually knowing what scope is. She also yelled out "change order!" I think our people are a little bit off, CF. It's a good thing we like them!

Class factotum said...

Omigosh Controllergirl you made me laugh! I read this to SH and he said, "But one of the calendars had trains on it! And I like trains!"

I will have to remember "change order" for next time!

controllergirl said...

Trains! LOL we are dying over here! As a side note, my gf says "I get it!" to SH's reaction. They may have been separated at birth. It doesn't hurt that she was born in Milwaukee and already feels a kinship with you two after reading a few of your blogs. You had her at custard.

Class factotum said...

CG, those midwesterners are good catches, aren't they?