Saturday, January 16, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 85: Buy nice or buy twice or be dead from smoke inhalation

As SH is changing the smoke alarm batteries, which alerted us to their need of changing at 6:04 a.m. Well, the smoke alarm alerted us, with its stupid increasingly loud high-pitched beep that woke me but not SH and what's that all about? Is it the same deafness that men have to babies crying in the night?

I awakened, looked at the clock, cussed*, went into the hall, determined the noise was coming from the basement, went to see a man about a dog, went back into the bedroom, turned on the humidifier to drown out the noise, put in my earplugs, and went back to sleep.

My mom's friend Pat (my friend, too! Pat, we think of you every time we go to Kopp's) was in Italy visiting her son and daughter in law. She has taken some really cool photos. I didn't think Pat would mind if I posted some. I had been wondering who was reading me from Rome.

When we got up, there was no noise and SH claimed I'd made it all up, but agreed that we needed to change the batteries anyhow as it had been over a year.

SH: Look! This is the same brand** of batteries I got for your camera!

Me: What? We're going to die in our beds as the house burns down around us!

SH: Nah. If the batteries die, the alarm will go off.

Me: Great. Maybe at 3:00*** a.m. next time.

* I know, hard to believe, but sometimes I am not as nice as you think I am.

** The same brand of batteries that lasts about two weeks and dies just as I am about to catch the full moon rising over the trees. Oops! No! Can't take it! Wait! Let me change the batteries! Too late! Moon is too high! SH has been in the bad habit of believing that a battery is a battery and a Q-tip is a Q-tip and you get the same quality no matter what price you pay. I have been trying to convince him that something is not better because it costs more; it costs more because it's better. Example: beer. Need I say more?

*** SH will be up. I will be sleeping.

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Aonymous Mother said...

In addition to my friend Pat, my friend Jan (who lives in Denver) already knew that I had had company, because she had read it on this blog.