Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 86: Bringing home the bacon

SH: Our cats are cute.

Me: Other people think their cats are cute, but ours really are cute.

SH: Yes. And sweet.

Me: Maybe we should make our cats model so they can earn money. Then you could quit your job.*

SH: We can't make our cats work!

Me: Oh yes we can.

SH: Besides, what about your bestselling novel? I think I am ready.***

Me: That's going to take some time to write. Besides, it takes a while for the money to come in. That Jennifer who wrote the Bitter is the New Black still temped the first two years. The cats can start generating cash right away.

SH: They are cute.

Me: And cooperative.

SH: Not really.

Me: Oh. Yeah. You're right.

SH: Guess I'd better get out of bed and go to work.

* SH's job has been really tough lately - super long hours** because they are short staffed and he gets stuff from the guy in France who needs an answer by the next day IN FRANCE which is just six hours away here but hey, who isn't in the same situation right now? At least he has a job and thank goodness for that. SH is a hard worker. I am lucky to have him.

** Like until 5:30 a.m. OK, some of it is goofing off (, but a lot of it is working.

*** If I write The Book, it will be tell all, which means Certain People will never talk to us again, which is just fine with me, but SH is the one who has to make that call. If you know what I mean.


Jan said...

Your cats are adorable - I say sedate them and find an agent pronto.

HRD said...

The income you get from a book is not what you might imagine. I'd pimp the cats tomorrow.....

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Yup, they're cute; it's time they earned their friskies...

Melissa said...

I just fell apart laughing with the "And cooperative" line. LaVerne and Shirley have minds of their own :D

John0 Juanderlust said...

Won't you change the names to protect the crazy?
Heck with it. Write the book, at least in my conscious lifetime.

Class factotum said...

JohnO, I suppose there are enough situations where parents have said they at the last minute that they are not coming to the wedding, told their son not to marry That Woman, been drunk at the wedding supper, insisted that Son and That Woman spend every holiday with them, decided that their retirement plan was for Son to fly to their place to do all their minor repairs a couple times a year, etc, etc, that if the parents ran across the book, they wouldn't recognize themselves, so I am probably safe.

And they wouldn't be caught dead watching Oprah, which is my other fear, because of COURSE I will be on Oprah.