Sunday, January 03, 2010

This is Wisconsin. People here get up early

At my aunt's*, where SH and I have stopped to visit for a second.

Me: I better call my mom and tell her we're here and see what time she wants to have supper.

My aunt holds out five fingers.

Me: What?

My aunt: Five. She wants to eat at five.

Me: That's so early! SH likes to eat at eight. We fight about it.

My aunt: And then go to bed on a full stomach? You city people.

* My aunt and uncle own and run a commercial stables and get up at 5 a.m. My uncle, who is 75 years old, rides every day. And walks two miles every day. Even though he has broken just about every bone in his body. Good genes. He, alas, is not the blood relation, although I have pretty good genes on my side. My grandmother, who died this summer, was 96, and was pretty healthy when she died. My grandfather died at 82, I think, and had his eggs and bacon in the morning. The smoking didn't do him much good, but he died at home.


Lindy said...

This post title confuses me. Shouldn't it read "This is Colorado. People here get up early?"

class factotum said...

Lindy, my aunt and my mom are originally from Wisconsin and have kept those Wisconsin farm girl habits.

Plus there is the backstory of the crazy people who lived in the apartment above SH who did laundry every single morning at 8 a.m. They started doing it at 6 a.m., but SH complained and the apt mgr told them they had to wait until 8, so at 8 on the dot they would start the machine and wake SH up after he had been out or had had a midnight conference call with India.

When he went up there once with a plate of hot Ghiradelli chocolate chocolate chip cookies to ask them to please, please wait until later to do the wash, they snapped, "This is NOT New York City. This is Wisconsin. People here get up early." Then they took the cookies and slammed the door.

They were retired. They did a load of laundry at 8. And another at 4. Every. Single. Day. Did they wet the bed or something?