Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wisconsin 101: The Pack

At my friend Dawn's surprise birthday party, at her mom and dad's house. SH kept asking me, "Do you think they'll have the game on? Will I be able to watch the game?"

Of course the game was on. This is Wisconsin.

With 1:47 left to play. The game is tied.

Dawn's mom: I better get out my Packer rosary.

Me: You have a Packer rosary?

DM: Of course!

Me: Is God a Packer's fan*?

DM: Oh you betcha.**

Me: Then why is he putting us through this agony?

DM: Because he gives us free will.

The Cardinals set up to try a field goal.

Dawn: Mom! You better start praying!

* Maybe he isn't. 51-45 OT.

** OK not really but doesn't that sound more authentic than, "Yes, he is."


Melissa said...

"You betcha?" That would be from the movie "Fargo." Though, admittedly, people from the largely Norwegian community near my hometown in WI were known to utter that phrase.

Class factotum said...

Melissa, my relatives in N. Wisconsin use it as well. Germans, though.