Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last report from Petunia

Lily called to say that she wanted to come up Tuesday and get Bob to take him to her house an hour away. She also asked if Bob had some of her favorite medication on hand, since the hospital had dumped hers and she could not get another prescription for several days. A stimulant she's partial to and does have a prescription for. I have my own attitude about her being on that medication, but then I'm not a doctor. No Lily, Bob does not have pills for you to take.

Another photo from Janet and Marty.

On his last night with us we took Bob to a Vietnamese restaurant near our house for dinner. Bob was willing to try something new and ordered a soup that Joe's stepdad raves about. He did not eat it there at the restaurant, but rather brought it home and doctored it up the next day. I asked, "Is it good?"

His reply: "It is now that it tastes like Campbell's soup. I added V8 and Mrs. Dash and other components to make it taste better. It did taste like Asian rose water...blahblahblah..." (I kind of tuned him out here but it went on a good ten minutes with some kind of stream-of-consciousness rambling.)

Half was in his bowl in the microwave and the other half was filled to the rim of a Styrofoam cup with no lid in the fridge. He explained that he was overly nice to the staff at the restaurant because he does not know Vietnamese. It must take a lot of effort to be Bob.

Bob left yesterday (Tuesday). Lily came to pick him up. She actually arrived around the time she said that she would, and Bob was dressed and packed, mostly. However, it did take approximately two hours for them to get out the door from my house, since Bob had prepared food and had to eat it and reheat it several times, in addition to getting the rest of his things together, and then factor in another 20 minutes or so in the bathroom. He made several trips to the car at the sidewalk to load up, and he reported that he was out there alone and a man walked by and he got very nervous. He did not engage the man in conversation. (Yay! A real accomplishment for him.) Bob then stated that he felt very guilty because the man was black. I did not have time to get into whatever that was going to be, since I had to get back to work.

Lily looked rough. Really rough. She's pretty vain, but I must say that the lifestyle she's leading is counter-productive to her beauty routine: all that drinking, smoking, prescription stimulants, and staying up all night is taking its toll physically.

Everyone finally got out of the house after 1:00 p.m. Lily talking and talking about herself and Bob heading to the car with two full plastic cups of beverages (no lids) and the full Styrofoam cup of his soup concoction (no lid). I headed back to the office while Lily and Bob were still in the driveway getting it all together. Bob is a talker who will go on and on and on not reading social cues that it is someone else's turn. Lily is very high-strung and speaks in fast incomplete run-on sentences and loves to be the center of attention - boy I'm glad I was not in that car. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

We did enjoy having Bob. With all that he's dealing with, Bob was a gracious houseguest and did his best to be a good guest. (I met Bob at Thanksgiving at Petunia's a few years ago. I thought he was a hoot. I can see why he might be a little exhausting because he is so intense, but he is a nice man who is very eager to please. CF) He also told stories to Daisy, my five-year-old daughter and she was so happy to have him there. It will be good to get back to a regular routine, but any host feels that way after visitors, I'm sure.

When I got back to work Bob called and told me their exact location and nearby landmarks. Then he explained that he forgot his Chex Mix and Oreos. I assured him that we will not throw them away. Sigh. Bless his heart.

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