Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 449: Did you say something?

Me: Do you have the library cards?

SH: No. Why should I?


Me: Because you were standing right there when I pulled my wallet out of my purse, took the cards out, laid them on the dresser and said, "Here are the library cards for when you go."

SH: Oh. I wasn't listening.


Sayya26 said...

This reminds me of my husband soooooo much....unless you say his name or let him know u're talking directly to him- he does not hear a thing. even when it's JUST THE 2 OF YOU IN THE ROOM.

Melissa said...

My husband blames this phenomena on the fact that he is hard of hearing. But I have brothers and know it was the same with them. This just further proves the theory :D