Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 582: What's yours is mine

Me: Why can't I wear your Rice sweatshirt?

SH: It's mine! Get your own!

Churros y chocolate, another excellent way to keep warm.

Me: But the ones in the bookstore are crummy. Rice has lousy sweatshirts. That's the only good one I've ever seen.

SH: I don't wear your clothes.

Me: You can wear my clothes. I don't care.

SH [rolls eyes]: I don't want to wear your clothes. Besides, this is my good sweatshirt.

Me: You're wearing it to a divey, smokey bar where it's going to get filthy.

SH: I wear it so my bar friends can see it.

Me: Oh yeah. Like they've heard of Rice.

SH: They have.

Me: From anyone but you? Nobody outside of Texas has ever heard of Rice.

SH: I don't know.

Me: So you'll wear it out to a bar where it gets dirty but I, who actually went to that school, cannot wear it at home to keep warm.

SH: I don't want it to get worn out! I can't replace it!

Me: I can't believe you're so selfish with your sweatshirt!

SH: Fine. You can wear it, but only if you wear it outside the house. I don't want it to get worn out.

Me: So I can wear it to the gym or to the grocery store, where it will get dirty, but not in the house where I would use it to keep warm?

SH: Yes.


Richard in NY said...

Isn't Rice a side dish?

Class factotum said...

With beans, it can also be a main dish.

AKJ said...

All husband clothes are fair game. It is an appendix to the marriage license. He has to let you. Your clothes are, of course, off limits.

Lindy said...

"I don't wear your clothes."
What about those pink fluffy socks?

"No one outside of Texas has ever heard of Rice."
I've heard Rice is the Harvard of the south(west.)
Don't know anything else about it, though.

Class factotum said...

AKJ, is it like the roommate contract?

Lindy, you are right! I am going to hire you as my sweatshirt lawyer. Ha!

RE: Rice. We prefer to say that Harvard is the Rice of the North. :)