Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 871: Get a blog

SH and I have been arguing. Discussing. Whatever you want to call it. We have been talking about politics and religion. For two hours. My least favorite subjects to talk about with him. Why? Because on religion, I say "x" and SH says, "probably not x - I'm just not sure but probably not." On politics, I say "y" and SH says "oh not y not ever y until the day I die not y not y not y not y!"

I hate talking about this stuff with SH. He says it's "invigorating." I say it's painful.


SH: But don't you think this is stimulating?

Me: No.

SH: But you have time to waste. You should listen to me.

Me: I'd rather waste my time on things that interest me. Why don't you write a blog?

SH: I don't have time.

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Melissa said...

SH finds debates invigorating? I wonder if it's a trait in engineers. My dad was an engineer and loves to debate. Would even argue from one POV with one person, and then turn around and argue from the other POV with another person. Just because he likes to do it.

As for me? Debating makes me tired.