Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday report

Yet another glamor filled day Chez Factotum as I run from one salon to another. That's right - it's beauty day here. First a haircut, then a pedicure, then a waxing.

Thank you Janet and Marty for this meditation on Mondrian.

SH wants to know why I need a pedicure in the winter and I tell him it's because I need to know my feet are beautiful even if the rest of the world doesn't.

It's also because I can't cut my own toenails straight and they get all ingrown and hangnaily and when I run (hahahaha like that happens that often) my toenails jam into the front of my shoes and then they hurt.

SH says it's because I am a GOLD DIGGER.


That's why I go to the beauty school and pay TEN DOLLARS.

Because I am a BAD GOLD DIGGER.

I also had my eyebrows waxed.* I had never done this before. Ever. I don't even tweeze.

It wasn't that bad. SH even noticed. Said they looked good. Then asked how much more of his money had I wasted.


That's right.

Living the life of riley.

* Which was not so bad but I have to say I do not see the appeal of having other body parts waxed and you know what I am talking about here so don't pretend you don't.


LPC said...

Yeah I way don't get the other parts stuff either. Maybe it's generational, maybe it's just lack of a gene.

Gary said...

Are you serious? I know a lot of peoplel that get their nose and ear hairs waxed...it's gross if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Yea, you waxed your eyebrows!!! Isn't it better than me plucking them? So much quicker and cleaner. As for the other body parts - don't knock it till you try it.
CF's sister

Class factotum said...

Jen, I waxed them just for you. It never would have occurred to me to do it, but we were going to go that time when we were visiting you but then didn't have time. In my defense, the stylist was amazed that I don't even pluck (because I have naturally nice brows is why) and all she did was tidy up a bit.