Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wisconsin 101: Packerland

Friend who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons that will become obvious: Yeah, when the Packers were playing the Twins, I kept waiting for Brett to throw an interception.

More Morocco.


Friend: My dad has four Packers [season] tickets, but I've never been to a game.

Me: Your dad has Packers* tickets? And you've never gone?

Friend: Yeah. He got eight when they used to play here, but now he just has four. But I've never been. I don't really care about football.

Me: I don't either, but I'd love to go to a game, just for the cultural experience!** Tell him that if he ever can't go to a game, SH and I will buy them from him. Maybe the four of us could go together.

Friend: Only in September or October. Not when it's cold.

Me: Oh. Yeah. You're right.

* Someone has to die for tickets to become available, basically.

** I went to my college games in Houston, but watching Rice play football is not very much fun. Unless we're playing the Aggies and can make their band mess up hahahahaha. We won maybe two or three games my freshman year and that was it. Then we lost almost every game. Want to win your homecoming game? Make sure it's when you play Rice.

I went to a few UT games when I was in grad school in Austin and that was more fun because Texas wins. But still, watching football when it is hot and humid is uncomfortable. I have never seen a pro football game.


Gary said...

Actually, when people die, their estate can get the rights to the seats, it takes more than death for tickets to become available...

The Packers used to alternate between playing in Green Bay and playing in Milwaukee. So the Milwaukee season ticket holders now have some sort of rights in Green Bay, and there is this complex system of MKE vs GBY seats...

Jan said...

I'm just curious as to how Brett Favre could throw an interception to a baseball team.

Class factotum said...

Gary, I wonder who my friend's dad is willing the tickets to.

Jan, that's why my friend wants to remain anonymous.

Melissa said...

And to only want to go when the weather is nice is a sacrilege in these parts! Have you heard about some fans who go shirtless when it's -20?

I'm not that crazy, but DH and I did go to a Packers-Bears game a couple of years ago in Chicago in December. We had a great time despite the cold!