Friday, March 19, 2010

Chats du jour: La toilette, deux

SH: Did you see that weird thing in the toilet this morning?

Me: Yes! It looked like poop* and I was mad that you didn't flush.

Not the mouse that was flushed, but a sibling.

SH: Did you flush it?

Me: Um yeah.

SH: It was the cats' mouse. They knocked it into the toilet.

Me: So why didn't you pull it out?

SH: That's gross! I would never stick my hand into the toilet** like that.

Me: Oh for pete's sake. You can wash your hands. Don't you think it would have been better not to flush that thing?***

SH: It wasn't that big. Other things [he elaborates] are bigger.

* Very odd poop, I have to say.

** I apologize for grossing anyone out, but we don't flush for #1 at night so that we don't wake each other. Plus I have lived and traveled in way too many places where water is scarce, so I am a - how shall we say it? - conservative #1 flusher.

*** Especially after we just paid $178 to have our sewer line snaked.


Sayya26 said...

Our country currently has a water shortage and i'm thinking of implementing that same rule where u don't flush for a number 1 until after a few number 1's. Makes sense to me.

Melissa said...

Sometimes you have to stick your hand in the toilet to fish things out. DS is still young enough that he throws all sorts of things in there if he gets the opportunity. Flushing bath toys would definitely not be good for the pipes.