Monday, March 15, 2010

Chats du jour: La toilette

Dear Midwestern store that is not Menards (we'll call you The Farm Store):

I know your store brand kitty litter, TFS kitty litter, is not carried anywhere else but The Farm Store. That's why it has your brand name on it. It would be silly for Wal-Mart to carry something branded with a competitor's name, wouldn't it?

But I'm pretty sure that you do not have a factory somewhere that makes just TFS kitty litter. Actually, I'm positive.

Which is why, when I sent you my email, I asked who manufactured your product, not where I can buy TFS kitty litter.

Because I already know that I can't get TFS brand kitty litter anywhere else but The Farm Store, which happens to be 60 miles from my house. But I suspect that I can get it under another store's brand.

We only got this kitty litter because we were visiting friends near your store and stopped in so SH could buy his 24' inflatable penguin.

Oh yes. We are all about class and sophistication in this house.

So. Let me ask you again: Who makes your kitty litter? This doesn't need to be a big secret because even if you don't tell me, I am not going to drive 120 miles round trip to get TFS litter. I will go to Wal-Mart* instead because Wal-Mart is ten minutes from my house and even though their kitty litter is inferior, I am not that dedicated to the welfare of my cats that I am willing to drive that far to get The Good Litter for them.



* Actually, I might not go to Wal-Mart because SH is boycotting them. Again.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Wow, was this some kick-ass kitty litter or what??

Gary said...

I suspect that there is only one company in the US that manufactures Kitty Litter for every single label that is out there. Pet food too. You gotta go with massive scale to get Economy of Scale. and drive down price for the American consumer. It's all about value for your kitty litter dollar.

Lindy said...

I believe there is a MFFarm in Germantown. That's not too far to go for premium cat liter.

Anonymous said...

Have you googled the ingredients in their exact order from the label? I found out many "store brand" and "manufactured exclusively for" type products on the open market this way.

Evidence: McDonalds Limited Time Olympics Chili Sauce? Well, hello Frank's Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce.

Patrick said...

Petsmart Kitty litter is pretty cost effective and fantastic.

Class factotum said...

Maureen, it is very absorbent, including odors, and it lasts longer than the Wal-Mart stuff.

Anon, I looked at the package. It is made of "clay." But I did learn that it is manufactured in Canada (Gary, who knew?) so I am googling "kitty litter" and "Canada."

Lindy, that is still a ways from our house, but I might go there out of desperation if Patrick's idea doesn't pan out or I can't find another private label.

Melissa said...

Maybe Target would have a better store brand? I don't have a cat, so I wouldn't know, but some of their other store-brand products we use have been really good.

Bohemiandoc said...

I (heart) Arm and Hammer unscented litter. Excellent clumping ability and odor control (b/c of the baking soda component) and about 11$ for a 30 lb box- cheaper when Target puts it on sale.

Richard in NY said...

Sam's Club has the 50 pound bags of Tidy Cat (the Purina premium brand) for about $7 each. Now that's some value for your kitty litter dollar.

Of course, Sam's Club may fall under the WalMart boycott.

Gary said...

Of course, it goes without saying that the cheapest kitty litter is a cat door to the outside and let them use the neighbor's gardens.

Class factotum said...

Gary, we can't let the cats outside. The pit bulls will get them.

Gary said...

you have roaming packs of pit bulls in your neighborhood? Don't you also have trees?