Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chats du jour: Pit bulls! Hawks! Dingoes!

When I was out running today, I saw a gorgeous bluepoint Burmese cat lounging in a driveway. Untethered. The cat's owner was working in the yard, so I, always eager for an excuse to stop exercising, stopped to talk about the cat. This is not something cat owners often get to do - talk about their cats. Or at least not in the cat's outdoor presence. Cats are uncooperative, contrary animals and are seldom found near their owners (or "staff," as SH and I are known in our house) when they are both outside.

But this cat was sitting, although he refused to come near me. I am not the Cat Whisperer. SH is capable of seducing just about any cat out there, although he is not so good at listening to instructions like, "Don't pick up my cat. I mean it. It freaks her out." He has always had good luck with cats so what he hears is, "Everyone else is forbidden to pick up my cat but you may do it." Then what happens after he picks up this random (Lilah, The Bodacious Red-headed Pediatrician's cat) cat, the cat does indeed freak out because the BRHP knows her cat better than SH does. But SH, being a liberal, is full of good intentions and in his world, that's what counts. Fortunately, he also a major hottie and I am crazy about him. Enough to overlook the politics.

Laverne is a killer even when she is on a leash. Good cat.

So I stopped to talk to the owner of the cat and asked if he - the owner - was not worried about pit bulls eating the cat. He told me the cat is ten years old and has been an outdoor cat since they got him. He also noted that the cat has never been eaten by pit bulls and are there even any pit bulls in our neighborhood?

I don't know. When I am talking to my backyard neighbor Bill, who also lets his cat out on a leash attached to the clothesline, Bill says that the only dog he knows about is the arthritic, white-snouted dog that lives two doors down from us. He does note that there used to be a hawk that lived around here and a hawk could get a cat.

We both fall silent as we contemplate the image of a hawk getting our cats. "She'd be on a leash," I say.

"Oh sure," Bill answers. "The hawk would have to drop her after about 20 feet."

Well. That's OK then.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

You know, out here every once in a while people threaten a hawk will get a cat, but most of us think that's a ridiculous rumor. A kitten maybe, but not a cat. This place is full of both hawks and cats and never once have I heard of an actual incident. Anywhere, actually. Have you?

Becky said...

Our pit bull would never even think of eating a cat. He far prefers chips, crackers, and other yummies that land in his mouth after being tossed by his "staff". Oh, the life!

Bohemiandoc said...

I am validating that is what happened with Lilah. No one seems to believe how freaky she really is... everyone thinks because she occasionally comes up to people and may even let them touch her briefly that she won't REALLY turn out to be the freaky-cat-from-hell. But she does. Every time.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

"But SH, being a liberal, is full of good intentions and in his world, that's what counts."

That is mean, but probably true.

A raccoon almost got my SIL's kitten. It grabbed the kitten by the face in full daylight and started to drag it away. My SIL had to take the kitten to the vet, who told her to call animal control b/c the raccoon was acting oddly and needed to be dealt with ASAP.

...Is the cat redheaded and bodacious, or the pediatrician?

Class factotum said...

Laura, the pediatrician is bodacious. The cat is sleek and black.

Maureen, I have never heard of a hawk taking a cat, either.