Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 45: Absence makes the heart grow fonder but being together can be stressful

SH has been gone since Saturday morning. Oh, that was a fun trip to the airport. He had said we needed to leave at 10:15 but then he wasn't ready and told me not to worry, that was with a two-hour check-in time and he wasn't even sure if that applied because he was flying from Milwaukee to Atlanta and then to Germany so does that whole two hours thing matter?

So. I am sitting around, ready to go since 10:15 because that's how I roll. If someone gives me a time to be ready by, I am ready by and even early. I always believe people (=SH) when he gives me a departure time and then we never really leave at that time.

He does not appear to be in any hurry. He has waited until the last minute to shower, shave and dress and then to turn off his computer.

Which does not want to shut down.

And then gives him an error.

All I know is he flies downstairs, shouting, "We have to leave RIGHT NOW!" He is putting on his coat as he is saying this, gathering his bags. I tell him to get the car out of the garage (where he had put it the night before because of course it is SNOWING and the ROADS ARE ICY and he knew it was going to snow and did not want snow on the car because he had just washed it) and that I will get the bags, but when he is in Full Panic OH NO! Mode, he hears nothing, so I just get my coat, lock the door and follow him. I am not following quickly enough for him because he is all hyperventilating and OH NO!ing and I don't understand what the problem is because it's 11:10 and his flight isn't until 12:30 and he never leaves this early for a plane.

Nobody is driving fast enough for him and he is yelling at the other drivers and I tell him that I am going to die of second-hand stress. He asks me to pull his computer out of his briefcase and try to start it up because he doesn't know if it will start because of the error and I say, Well even if it doesn't start, they can just give you another one at your office in Germany and that will be OK because you have all your work backed up on your company network, right?

And he glares and says that no, he has not backed his work up and it's all on his laptop.

The computer starts, we get to the airport on time, and I drop him off and relax. And miss him.

But while he is gone, I do enjoy the following things:

1. Not having to have any political discussions
2. Going to bed before 11:00
3. Not cooking
4. Eating beans, foods with That Orange Flavor, and rutabaga
5. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Wow, glad the computer was okay. My ex travels for business every day and I never know how he makes it anywhere on time. Just glad I don't have to have that second hand stress. Great term, btw...

Jan said...

Things I enjoy about Beloved being out of town (and yes, I miss him when he's gone):

1. Not having to watch TV till I fall asleep (I prefer to read)
2. Not talking about work after 5:00 p.m.
3. Not cooking
4. Eating all the Asian food I want, if I feel like it
5. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight

Yup - I can relate.