Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wisconsin 101: Of course they have a fish fry

And karaoke.

What they do not have is a decent Vietnamese sandwich. Alas. It's an OK sandwich. They put mayonnaise and bacon on it and let's face it, is there any food that is hurt by the addition of bacon? But they don't use a fresh baguette and that is the key to a good Vietnamese sandwich. Maybe I should not expect to find such a food item in Milwaukee, although the owner of the Vietnamese grocery where I buy our too salty, processed, not brewed, soy sauce says they are opening a new store on the south side that will have a food court with fresh baguette sandwiches so we shall see.

I stopped at this place yesterday after taking SH to the airport because the food critic at the paper suggested I try their sandwiches. When I arrived, I realized that SH and I had already eaten there, so I went to the little Colombian place down the street instead. Platanos maduros. Arepa con queso. Is this the bus to Cartagena? Siiiiii.


Jan said...

I am SO jealous you have a Vietnamese and Colombian restaurant you can go to. If it's not Italian (or pizza!! There's %$#@ pizza joint on every flippin' corner here!) you're not getting it in Podunk.

I want pho. I want empanadas. Together, even.

Claire said...

A Columbian restaurant???? AND all those breweries - Milwaukee kindof rocks.
Siiiiii, Cartagena....