Friday, April 09, 2010

Chats du jour: Trapped in the Big House

Does it make me totally gullible (it does make me like my vet more) that the whole time he was with Laverne and Shirley, he kept saying to them, "You're so cute. You're so cute!"

He probably says that to all the cats.

Except I think Laverne and Shirley really are so cute. Am I biased? Am I wrong?

I have had a glimpse of how easy it is to please a mother: "Your baby is gorgeous!"

Except almost all new babies look like little bald monkeys to me. They don't start to look good until they are a few months old and have some fat on them. But new mothers believe it and beam and everyone is happy and I don't have to feel guilty for lying because "gorgeous" can be interpreted in so many ways, such as, "All ten fingers and toes! Healthy!" and not just, "Wow. You should call a modeling agency right now."

The vet was so fast with the shot this year that Shirley didn't even have a chance to get a puffy tail. He didn't need to put the mask on her. Which is a shame, because that's the exact reason I took my camera. Is that wrong? That I wanted to take photos of my cats' suffering?

He was surprised - wondered if they would remember next year and if he would need it then. I told him no. Laverne doesn't hold a grudge and Shirley isn't that bright.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Love your cats!
Glad their major trauma is over for another year.

Patty said...

So cute! Glad they're done with the hurt ;)

Anonymous said...

They don't seem the least bit amused.