Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 312: Not my job

Me: Omigosh! Look at the plant [in the upstairs bathroom]!

SH: What?

Me: It's almost dead!

SH: Really?

Me: Didn't you notice? This is the bathroom you use.

SH: Nope.

Me: I just watered it last week. I guess it's a lot hotter in here than it has been. Why didn't you water it?

SH: I didn't notice.

Me: How can you not notice a huge plant ON THE COUNTER?

SH: I don't pay attention to things like that. It's like when we're at the airport and you say, "Look at the lady with the blue tattoo on her face." I have a mission and I ignore anything that detracts from that mission. People are just shapes to be avoided. I certainly don't pay attention to plants.

Me: OK. Would you do me a favor and water it the next time it looks this droopy?

SH: That's not my job!

Me: Then TELL ME that the plant is NEAR DEATH and I will water it. Sheesh.


TosaGuy said...

All people on a mission need to maintain situational awareness because the situation at any time may impede your ability to accomplish the mission.


A military guy.

Class factotum said...

TG - that's the great thing about traveling with SH. He focuses on the objective, looking for our gate, maneuvering around the crowds, while I just keep half an eye on him and the other half on all the bizarre people you see at the airport. All the fun with none of the hassle.