Friday, April 30, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 32: I told you so

The worst part about my mp3 player dying a slow death during body pump, which has the absolute worst music in the world, so bad that I thought about just wearing the earbuds as earplugs even though I couldn't get my PHILIPS mp3 player to stay on,* isn't that I had to listen to the body pump music, although that is awful. Do they get a good deal on bad music? Is that what it is? Royalties are lower for loud, nasty, non-melodic music?

No. The worst part is that SH is going to gloat that see? this is why we should never throw anything away because didn't I nag him about putting those SIX YEAR OLD TRADE SHOW FREE MP3 PLAYERS in the Goodwill box, where they sat in the basement for five months until two weeks ago when I took them to Goodwill.

If I hadn't nagged him and made him toss them, I would be the proud owner of a SIX YEAR OLD TRADE SHOW FREE MP3 PLAYER right now and would not be having to look for a new one.

* Was it because I dared to correct the time? I touched other buttons. Could be.

1 comment:

Gary said...

SH does have a point.

I'd just get an iPod Touch and be done with it. Whatever you do, don't get a Zune.