Monday, April 26, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 444: Save big money at Menards and at Sendik's

I really shouldn't complain about all the little bargains SH picks up at Menards because I do the same thing. Nothing better than saving money and by "saving," I mean spending less than the regular price. Not "not buying the item at all."

Although I have to say that the tupperware-like containers that keep produce fresh for two weeks might not have been necessary. As I pointed out to SH, we don't keep our produce for longer than two weeks anyhow, unless you are talking about apples and potatoes and they do not go bad. He informed me that there was a rebate on these containers and he was keeping them so there. Whatever. At least he had returned the plastic bags that kept produce fresh for two weeks.

And I have to say that when I buy a bargain, it is usually something that we already use and I have just gotten a better deal on it. Like grapes at the produce bargain counter. Or Miller's Bakery pretzel rolls on the day-old counter, except that rarely happens because they don't last that long.

Or it is something we could use and I would never pay retail. Like Gia Russa Spicy Alla Vodka tomato sauce made from "hand-selected imported Italian plum tomatoes." Doesn't that sound yummy? Usually, I make my own tomato sauce because frankly, I am a way better cook than almost any food company and it's cheaper to make my own, but this was $3.99 in the bargain bin, which is not that much more expensive than homemade and, as you see, it is imported. That means "better." Plus sometimes I want to make pizza but don't want to go through the hassle of making a sauce first.

Who would turn down a box (or three) of Triple Chocolate Chunk brownie mix for $1.99/box? Bargain! Mix brownies are almost as good as homemade and if you're taking them to a bake sale where nobody will know you made them, that's not too shabby. I save the Good Chocolate, which makes brownies more expensive, for my friends. Not that I would turn up my nose at mix brownies, no sir. But again - sometimes you just want to open a box, mix it with water, and pop it in the oven.

And of course I had to get the bottle of imitation Bailey's that had a $3 rebate. I don't drink that much, but when I do, I want whiskey-flavored cream mixed with more cream. Yes, it's a low cal drink. Why do you ask?

The only thing I got tricked into buying was the bread. Full price. From the bakery. They had samples out and I tried one and it was really good. As I was walking away, the bakery lady asked if I needed anything. I should have said "no" and kept on going, but I felt guilty about sampling when I had no intention to buy, so replied, "What is that you have out for sampling? It's really good." She answered that it was the honey sesame whole wheat whatever loaf and did I want some.

My resistance was already weak because they had been blowing cookie air out by the front door of the store, so I told her yes. Darn you, cookie-air free-six-ounce-coffee bread-samples Sendik's! You break down my will with your heady, just out of the oven chocolate chip cookie aroma, then entice me to your bakery with the promise of Wicked Brownie samples and bread samples and maybe something on the day-old shelf. Darn you!

After that, I said what the heck and got three new cheeses (Abergele with five peppercorns, Cheshire with mushrooms and chives, Cheshire with rosemary) and even got flowers. Peonies.

Yes. I am weak.


Anonymous said...

How does Sendiks compare with Whole Foods and The Fresh Market? White-Chocolate

Mel said...

Of course, you had to do it. All those intoxicating smells destroy one's resolve.

Have you tried Bailey's in hot chocolate? Seriously good stuff. I've gotten the imitation brand from time to time, but I think that everything pales in comparison to Bailey's. I get it infrequently enough (i.e. once a year) that it's worth the extra to get the best.

class factotum said...

WC, I only cruise WF for the free samples. It's too expensive to shop there, plus the more organic than thou attitudes bug me. Sendik's is a nice locally owned business with enough goodies but overall fair prices that I spend most of our grocery $$ there.

Mel, perhaps I need to do a taste test of all the cream whiskeys. Yes. I do.