Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 445: Oh no! Making copies

Me: I got a safe deposit box today.

SH [on phone from Boston]: OK.

Me: So that's done. I put the wills in there.

SH: What?!

Me: Um. Yeah. That's why we needed the safe deposit box.

SH: Where did you get the copies?

Me: I made them. Duh.

SH: On my copier?

Me: Yes.

SH: Oh no! Oh no!

Me: What?

SH: What if you didn't do it right?

Me: How hard is it to lay a piece of paper on the glass and press 'copy?'

SH: You didn't do them on the laser printer?

Me: What? I didn't even know that made copies. I did them on the fax.

SH: Oh no! No! Oh no!

Me: What's the big deal?

SH: But you used all the Good Toner!

Me: I asked if I should just copy them at the library and you said it would be cheaper to do them at home.

SH: ON THE LASER PRINTER! Why didn't you just wait for me?

Me: Because I wanted to get it done.

SH: But you used the GOOD TONER! It's EXPENSIVE!!

Me: Oh for pete's sake. How much does it cost in beer units?


Marsha said...

No wonder I have to be supervised when I make copies! ;)

FYI - Among other things, I'm a fiduciary. Make sure you have copies of your will in your home, as well as in the safe deposit box. Why?

Because when you notify the bank that one of the signers on the box has died - they'll seal it and you won't be able to get the will. Your attorney should also have a copy.

Jeff Abbott said...

He knows he doesn't get to be buried with the good toner, right?

Bohemiandoc said...

Wow. Please tell me there is at least a little hyperbole in your retelling.

Richard in NY said...

You're so mean to that poor man. I can't believe you used the good toner.

Class factotum said...

Marsha, we have copies everywhere!

Jeff, it was the GOOD TONER! The GOOD TONER!

Doc, I reserve the right to improve the story. :)

Richard, he deserves a better wife than I am.