Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 782: Long-distance kibbutzing

Me: Guess what I'm doing?

SH: What?

Me: Leaving dishes in the sink overnight.

SH: Oh no!

Me: Guess what else?

SH: What?

Me: I'm wearing your Rice sweatshirt.

SH: You're not supposed to wear that! You're supposed to wear the Summerfest one. What else are you doing wrong? Setting the kitchen on fire? Making copies? Putting the wrong thing into the safe deposit box?

Me: Yeah. Whatever. Hey. Guess what Laverne keeps doing? She keeps pulling the coffee pod from the compost bowl and taking it to the floor, but then she discovers she doesn't like it.

SH: You're probably not wiping the floor! [I'm not. It's a little bit of water. Whatever.] What are all the things you're not doing right?

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