Friday, April 23, 2010

Sign from God or a lesson

Yesterday, my friend Lois and I went to the big consignment sale at the Elm Grove Women's Club. It's a like a giant opening of your friends' closets, with all the good clothes, because this is a swanky neighborhood and rich ladies don't wear their clothes too many times before they get rid of them.

Even the running shoes were almost new. I wear mine for months, until my feet start to hurt, then toss them in the trash or use them for gardening, but I would never donate my old tennies because even The Poor don't want my nasty old shoes. They'd rather be barefoot.

I did get this little evening purse. When SH and I go to the theatah, we Dress. Even though other people around us are in jeans. I live my life in gym clothes, so I welcome the chance to wear a nice dress. But the big, everyday purse spoils the look. This purse is a little more fun, isn't it? And it was only $10. The question now is will there be room for the chocolate we sneak in with us?

I found a few things - two dresses, jeans. And a red purse.

I have been coveting a new purse for a long time. I am in year 3 of the crocodile-skin purse SH and my sister bid against each other for on eBay. It is time for a new purse, although this one has not worn out. I do have a white Dooney and Bourke summer purse I got last year at Goodwill, but I am feeling the need for a change. I need some color in my life. Time to be bold and say, "Begone!" with the safe, matches everything accessories.

My first thought was to go with the zebra-print purse Talbot's had last winter. I have been tracking Talbot's purses on eBay, but no zebra has appeared yet. Maybe that's not all bad. Sometimes, I need to be talked down from my ongapatchkeyedness. Left to my own devices, I would be in all animal print, all the time. My inner tacky is always dying to get out, but it is contained by my outer fear of being mocked by the cool women I don't know at the gym or the grocery store. Safer just to stick with plain, unpatterned clothes and modest jewelry.

My next thought was a red purse. Red. The new black. And there, like a sign from God, was a red purse at the sale. Red with turquoise blue insets in the sides. Oh so pretty. But - was it leather? I didn't know the brand (Hobo) and there was nothing inside that claimed leather materials. Usually, manufacturers want to assure consumers that a product is made of a nice material and not crap. But in this case there was nothing. I couldn't look it up because I don't have a google phone. Lois opined that it looked like leather - that vinyl is usually shinier. But I couldn't act. Couldn't risk $18 on something that might fall apart after just a little while.

So I put it back. Thought about hiding it. I would have hidden it, which I know is cheating, except there wasn't anywhere to hide it. I did tuck it way in the corner of the other purses, though.

When I got home, I looked up the brand. Guess what? It IS leather. I decided I had to have it. But not badly enough to return to the sale immediately. It will be there in the morning, I thought.


It wasn't.

I looked everywhere. I looked under all the other purses. In the shoes. Under the scarves. It was gone.

Either someone else hid it better than I did or someone else bought it.

That [insert nasty name here].

Someone else who had the sense to say, "Eighteen dollars? That's only four in beer units."


Sayya26 said...

LOL! if it wasn't for Project Runway I might not have known what "ongapatchkey" was....

anyway, like my mom always says- if it's meant for you it'll be there when you get back.

Melissa said...

"Your inner tacky?" LOL I think fashion is overrated, especially when it changes all the time. Express your unique style, I say! :)

Lindy said...

Cute purse! You will have to bring thin candy bars to the theatre.

I wish I had gone to the Elm Grove sale. I went to the Junior League sale at State Fair Park on Saturday. I didn't think it was very good. It was held in a building that smelled like horse manure and I had to change my clothes when I got home. Yikes!

Class factotum said...

Sayya - it was gone. Rats.

Melissa, my unique style might scare people. But yeah - so what?

Lindy - I am going to the one at the JCC in Whitefish Bay May 14-16 just in case there are good purses there. I am just slapping myself. Next time, I'll call SH or my mom to look the brand up for me if I'm not sure.

Bohemiandoc said...

Nooo!!!! Hobo is one of the most awesome bag brands. Designed by women, for women. Very clever in their construction- I have one of their briefbags in red leather, and I love it. I have not been kind to it, so it doesn't look so good anymore, but that's all on me. Eighteen dollars is a STEAL.

And you are the least ongepatchkeyed person I know. I think you're lying about wanting to wear all animal all the time. I dare you to let it out.

Triple dog dare you.

class factotum said...

Oh Doc - I have to force myself to walk away from the leopard skin heels, the leopard skin dress, the fur trimmed-vest (OK, I did buy that one - in white, even), the zebra jacket.