Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chats du jour: Mighty mouse catcher, yes. Mighty mouse killer, not so much

Laverne caught another mouse last night. She was crying and crying her "I've caught a mouse come admire me!" cry. The mouse was drooping in her mouth like the boneless cat in Charlie Brown. I ran inside to get my camera and stumbled over Shirley, who was standing at the kitchen door.

Shirley tensed. Her ears popped up. She flicked her tail. As I opened the door, she tried to get out. I had to mash* her head between the door and the frame to convince her that no, that was not going to happen.

When I got to Laverne, the mouse was gone. She had lost it. I detached her leash from the clothesline and let her chase for a little bit, but she didn't find him again.

The mouse must have run by the door within Shirley's line of sight. She was ready to get him. But he'll return to his nest.

Is he stupid? Maybe. Does Laverne keep catching the same mouse? She knows where he lives: under the basement window by the washing machine. She'll sit there for hours waiting for him to emerge.

Maybe he's not so stupid. If it's the same one, he's been caught and lived to tell the tale three times now. Maybe he's got this weird masochistic thing going on. Who am I to judge?

* Not hard! Sheesh! Just enough to make her pull back.

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