Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 309: Walk a mile in my shoes

SH: Why don't you want to walk to the restaurant [a mile from our house]?

Me: Because the only shoes I have for that kind of walking are my tennies and my hiking boots and I don't want to wear those.

SH: It's not like it's a fancy restaurant. Why do you care?

Me: I refuse to wear tennies with jeans. I am not 70. Tennies are for the gym.

SH: What if I carry your cute shoes so you can wear the comfortable ones and change once we get there?

Me: I don't want to walk. It's inefficient.

SH: You are so lazy.

Me: I know.


LPC said...

One word. Aerosoles. Some look pretty hip and all are cheap.

kristinintexas said...

So true. I have had a pair of Aerosoles heels for *years* - very cute, strappy gold sandals with a 2.5 inch or so heel - and I can dance all night in those babies.

kristinintexas said...

Which I have done approximately twice, at weddings. :)