Sunday, May 02, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 42: Going straight to the fun part

Usually, new babies look like monkeys to me, but this baby is really cute.

SH: Marissa* had her baby yesterday.

Me: Oh! And?

SH: And what?

Me: What is it?

SH: A boy.

Me: And?

SH: And what?

Me: What is his NAME? How much did he WEIGH?

This would not be so bad if we had not been through this before when his friend Jon's baby was born. All he knew was that the baby had arrived. He had not gotten any of the important information. The only reason he had the information about Marissa and Brian's baby is because they sent it all in an email. Is this an engineer thing or a guy thing?

PS Yes, this makes us step grandparents. I am OK with that.

* SH's stepdaughter from his first marriage.


Leigh said...

I was going to say "guy thing," but then remembered that my ex-H is an engineer, so what do I know? Although, now that I think about it, when my friends and I were at the popping-out-babies stage, we laughed at this particular husband trait, so I'm still going with "guy thing."

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Definitely a guy thing. You're lucky you got the sex.

Class factotum said...

Leigh, I forgot to include the option, "SH thing," but it looks like it wasn't necessary.

Maureen, yes, it's a good thing SH is such a hottie! It makes up for all the crazy.

Lindy said...

So, what will you and SH be called by your step-grandson? Nana Class and Grandpa Hottie?

P.S. I think Maureen meant "you are lucky that SH at least knew the sex of the baby" versus "you are lucky you get sex."

Class factotum said...

Oh Lindy, you're right! SH and I laughed and laughed over your comment.

Michaela said...

Guy Thing!!! Ive noticed it before, many times. They are HOPELESS on this. Almost all men are.
Him: So and so had the baby.
Me: OMG, what did they have?
Him: Uh...I dunno. A baby, I guess.
Me: No way, you didnt even get the sex?
Him: No, was I meant to?
Me: Aargh. How about a name?
Him: No
Me: Weight?
Him: I dunno, about one forty pounds?
Me: Not her, you idiot. The baby!